Biggest Conference Happened in the World

Habitat III is the world’s biggest conference that saw over 300000 people in attendance. It attracted various stakeholders to check on the strategy as a guide to urban development for the next 20 years. In its theme Nw Urban Agenda, it was one of the most organized conferences. Entrepreneurs admit that they got value for the money. The host city and country Quito, Ecuador registered a considerable amount of income in the form of tax due to t influx of visitors or this conference.

The high-ranking professionals were in attendance at this conference. That means their input concerning human resources was something that was commendable. When you have high-profile professional attending a seminar, it is an indication f success since they do not just attend a seminar. They must get value for their time.

What made it more successful is the fact that it was free from all kind of conference. As long as you had an interest in corporate affairs, you had a chance to air your view. In fact, investors took advantage of the high influx of people to display their merchandise and create leads which finally turned out to be sales.

The networking sessions on the conference were something that we cannot afford to mention as an indicator of achievement for this conference. We have testimonies of partnerships whose origin came from the social interactions during the meeting.

The disadvantaged in the society were not left out either in the equation. A non Governmental organization which directly deal with them were present to air their voice. An example is the Shack Dwellers International who has a chance to include this group in the millennium development goals.

What are the indicators of achievement for a successful conference?

At times, you may have a huge attendance but what matters is that, are the deliberations from the conference taken a higher step primarily on both the host country and participating countries in equal measure?

In this conference, there was a need for low-cost housing especially among the urban poor. Various entrepreneurs came up with cheap building materials which were ideal to meet this goal.

In third world countries and emerging economies, we saw branches of such companies penetrating the market. This is a clear indication that they surveyed the market and found it viable to start their operations in such countries.

We live in the digital market, anything that is trending is a clear indication of a positive or a negative impact. After this conference, scholars researching urban development has to mention some of the strategies that came up in the conference. That is a clear indication of the value of this conference when it comes to urban development.

Why was Habitat III successful?

The organizers own the success of the entire conference. Similarly, the marketing and advertisement of this event, as well as the timing, was ideal since people had all the time to prepare and attend the conference. Urbanization is a global challenge hence government agencies had no option but also to be included in the conference hence the total support. Lastly, the location of the event also had an impact on its success.