DIY Conference table

The power tool industry has advanced and progressed to such a great extent that building something like a custom conference table should not prove to be a challenge. In fact, building a DIY conference table has its benefits over buying one. Depending on the office and its requirements, a unique conference table can be built accordingly. Use of the right material to build DIY conference table helps ensure that it is durable, easy to use and flexible.

Materials You May Need To Build A DIY Conference Table

To build a custom conference table you will need materials like:

= 2x4s and 2x6s

= Angle irons

= Folding steel sawhorses

= Plywood

Tools You May Need To Build A DIY Conference Table

To build a custom conference table you will also need tools like:

= Angle grinder

= Circular saw

= Cordless drill

= Extension cords

= Orbital sander

= Table saw

Table saws can prove to be rather dangerous power tools so make sure the one you use to build your custom, DIY conference table is from a leading table saw manufacturer: . In fact, make sure all of the tools that you use are from a reliable manufacturer.

Ideas For DIY Conference Tables

Concrete Conference Table

As the idea suggests, a custom molded concrete slab can be used for the tabletop of a DIY conference table. Of course, since the frame will be supporting all that additional weight of the concrete table top, it will have to be durable and sturdy enough. For additional support, the bottom and top of the frame design should feature braces.

The entire conference table will e even heavier, so its legs should have large casters. This way, the conference table can be moved around easily, especially if the conference room is used for other purposes as well, such as a studio.

Industrial Conference Table

For those who want a conference table featuring an industrial look, and wish to avoid the use of power tools and woodworking, they may also start with table frame kit. These kits actually come pre-packaged and make it easier to build any kind of table, such as a conference table. These frame kits can be selected depending on the desired dimensions and features.

These kits are also easy to assemble and offer a unique design. A glass tabletop can be placed over the frame, which can even ensure consistency in an office that already has other glass furniture.


If you have already been out shopping for a brand new conference table, you may have already realized that the choices are limited. While conference tables are widely available, there are not as many varieties. Furthermore, prefabricated conference tables that are purchased from a store do not tend to be appealing and unique, rather they seem quite bland. If you buy a prefabricated conference table, you may also not end up getting an adequate return for value.

Furthermore, even the most cheaply made conference tables tend to be rather overpriced these days and once you have purchased the table, you will keep on wondering how long it will last. With all the advancements that have taken place in the power tool industry over the years, it is far better to build a custom, DIY conference table that suits the requirements of your office.