Conference Invitation through Email Automation

Email automation defines dynamism in marketing technology. To make people attend to your conference physically or virtually, marketing automation tools have all you require to achieve this. The marketing software is excellent in lead generation, which in turn leads to sales conversion which is increased participation in the event. Marketing automation as a toolkit has a feature referred as event marketing which is a tool specifically designed for the planning and implementation of events, seminars and conferences. The toolkit creates a customized toolset, which is tailored towards the recipient, which the automation tools have categorized to meet the demand. You can check this website for more details ( )


The various outbound and inbound marketing methodologies are the marketing automation tools use help to create awareness of the conference and acts as a platform to invite participants and event allow them to participate in the conference,


Technology has made work simpler. You do not have to be physically present at a conference. Some marketing automation tools like Marketo support video conferencing such that people who are not able to attend the conference can be present online and still follow proceedings.

Email marketing campaigns

The core of any marketing software is the Email marketing automation tool sets. Marketing automation tools have tailored Email campaign to create awareness of the conference as well as send multiple customized Emails to various recipients as an invitation to the conference. A client can directly respond to the Email and the host will be notified of every step a client makes and make times response concerning the event. In this manner, you are guaranteed of increased participation through the automation tool. One tool that you can use is to make a decision for Convertkit 2018’s update on how you’re going to use it.


The automation kit helps you to close a sales deal for a client who is still uncertain about participation in the conference. Any visitor who hovers around the site and sign up for any service, the contact is kept in a database and you never know, the Email invitation to the conference might be of interest helping build not only subscribers list but participation.

Lead generation

The core function of any Marketing automation is the Customer Relationship Management tools. Email is the backup of all contacts. The marketing automation entices visitors to the website to sign up for a free course, offers, content just as a way to get contacts for any future communication like conferences. Business experts have proved that all sales conversions, 70 percent comes from various marketing automation tools.


Social media integration

Some of the marketing automation toolkits have social media platforms integrated into the site to help spread the word through the sharing facility. In the end, there is increased participation for the conference.  The marketing automation tools available in the market include MailChimp, Convertkit, Marketo and InfusionSoft each of them have different features but the core function is Email marketing, Autoresponders and various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools The choice of the best software for your conference is determined by cost, subscribers numbers tailored services among other features.