The work life of a university student varsity after school

As you turn 18, even before that it is expected of you to go and figure out your life on your own by working either at your school or high school’s cafe or at a local diner or some local takeaway. It is that moment of your life when you realize how life isn’t as easy as you thought it was.

Carrying your burden and sometimes in some cases, your entire family’s burden along with studying at a university on or off a scholarship is not what you thought life would be like when you were a 10-year-old and desperately wanted to grow up. You VS. Your Peers The work life of a university student is awful and hectic. You do not have time to enjoy or socialize like some of your friends with rich backgrounds.

They go clubbing and partying while you go working so you can put the food on the table and pay the rent. It sucks, even more, when you’re in the varsity. You have a ping pong match lined up with another school and will be using best ping pong table for schools ( and you’re their only hope but you also have work lined up too. Even if you manage it and bear the insults your boss hurls at you for showing up late for work you still feel irritated and peeved at the end of the day because you’re losing yourself in work and studies.Playing alone with a robot as an opponent is tiresome.

You have no recreational activities save for varsity but it too feels like a burden. You need to balance that life. How to maintain a balanced life? Being in the varsity is challenging but being in varsity and working part-time is even a bigger challenge. Even though the varsity gets to roam a lot to play matches, even so, it should be a little less depressing.

The basic and foremost problem is time management. Many students get disturbed and as a result either hook to drugs or quit their life. Most of the times it happens because students expect the university to be a piece of cake when it isn’t caked at all. Everything asks for endeavors from studies to varsity.

The best way to maintain balance is to focus on one thing at a time.Focus on work when working and take breaks during work too. For example, if you work at a coffee shop grab yourself a bite and A cup of coffee during the break. Or chat with your girlfriend over the phone or even better take a little walk down the street for some fresh air. When at university or varsity focus on that. Forget that you have got other things for a while. Enjoy your varsity and enjoy your lectures at the university.

Remember one thing, worrying for the later is useless while working is important so are your studies and having fun. So, when you’re invited to parties, do not say no. And sleep is something you must not deprive yourself of.  Sleep at least for 6 hours if you cannot manage 7 hours. Make exercising and gym an important part of life.